Day 7 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Losing My Mind

Friends who know me well, know that I think I’m losing my memory. I joke about it often… but I actually do think I’m losing it!

I’ve mentioned it to my doctor, who explained it to me as being related to sleep-deprivation and pregnancy hormones. My son, Jackson, did not sleep through the night until recently, so it’s possible that lack of sleep is truly the cause… but I still suspect something bigger. This has been going on for much longer than that.

Last year, my New Year’s Resolution, was to use (OMG I just forgot what it was called… I’m not even kidding…Googling now…) Lumosity. Lumosity is what I resolved to do every day to try to build up my memory.

Anyway that lasted for a few months. Usually whenever I was supposed to be going to bed, I would play brain games using the Lumosity app on my phone… exactly what sleep experts say you shouldn’t do right before you go to bed. But then, well, I sort of forgot about it.

I tried eliminating caffeine, reluctantly, and am now down to one small cup of coffee each morning.

I’ve taken many online memory tests like this one, after hearing this episode about memory on radiolab. I’m little obsessed with these online tests, actually. Usually my test results are just a little below average.

A few years ago, I read Moonwalking With Einstein, a book about a journalist who decides to train for the USA Memory Championships (yes, there is such a thing!). This helped a bit… but not that much… because, of course, I quickly forgot most of the tricks.

What else can I do? Books to read? Articles? Ideas? Anyone? Anyone?



11 thoughts on “Day 7 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Losing My Mind

  1. I know how you feel, but I’m quite a bit older and having some memory issues is normal w/ aging. I do, however, think sleep plays a huge role in making memory work. Even the slight buzz of the phone can affect one’s ability to sleep. My husband recently had a sleep analysis, which I insisted he have because of his snoring that keeps me awake, and he now wears a C-Pap. Go figure: the air flow of that also awakens me, which is why I’m responding to your post at 3:50 a.m. I’ve been awake over an hour.


  2. You have me worried. If you find out any great strategies for improving your memory, please write another post about them. Too many people I know are experiencing the very thing of which you write. Let’s hope it’s only sleep deprivation.


  3. I read every single word slowly (and twice) as I tell my doctor the same thing. Her response…menopause. I guess they lay the blame on hormones? Lately, I go snowshoeing and I accidentally go down a trail I’ve already done because I forgot I did it. My husband says I worry too much and I never shut my brain down-I admit I am always thinking about something and I never relax.
    Have you read Still Alice? Do read it.
    Sorry I couldn’t give you any advice, because no one’s given me any either. I will say my daughter has a 20-month old and she sometimes is running on empty and she tells me she’s so forgetful since being pregnant and having her.


  4. I think you are being to hard on yourself. The hormones and the sleep deprivation play into memory loss. A while back, with dementia in my family I started to freak out and signed up for Luminosity. I did it for awhile and then other things got in the way. Yoga and meditation have helped me to quiet my brain and it has helped my memory,


  5. Your doctors have said it is not physical. I wonder if it is a plate too full. When I am overstretched or “undersleeped”, my memory is not as sharp. Could you create some “white space” in your life, just for you?


  6. This is a common problem of such a busy life. I have taken to writing everything down. Don’t chance it to “remembering later.” But also taking the time to connect the thought to my schema, like a name, instead of letting it stay in short term memory. They say that dark chocolate helps. Please share if you solve this dilemma!


  7. YOU POOR THING. It is a part of motherhood that NOBODY wants to talk about but really does exist! I hope a few MONTHS of sleeping soundly will help right your ship.


  8. Being a working mother, someone who gives 100%, is most likely the cause, Beth…the more we have on our plate, the easier it becomes to forget every single thing that’s on it.


  9. I agree with many of the other posters. I think our memory becomes seriously compromised when we are deprived of sleep and when we are stretched too thin with too many responsibilities. There are so many things to try to remember, and we’re just bound to let some drop. I’m sure you already utilize different things to aid your memory– voice memos, your planner, etc. I’ve started using Evernote for literally EVERYTHING. I don’t have to remember where I took a note, and I can use tags and a variety of separate “notebooks” for the different parts of my life. You can clip things off the internet straight into it, and it will sync between your computer, tablet, and phone. You can also utilize search to find a given note. There’s even an “alarm” feature. If you already know about Evernote, I’m sorry to go on and on about it. I do find it helps me.

    As much as anything, I think you need to give yourself a bit of a break. I do understand, though, how frustrating it is to be forgetting, when you didn’t used to.

    Good luck! 😉


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