Day 8 Slice of Life Story Challenge: A Migraine, In Third Person

Okay fellow slicers, I am experimenting with realistic fiction here. This is a first for me and a big stretch!

Norma’s headache started in the morning. She woke up with a throbbing headache. Not a full blown migraine. Just a throbbing heading–the kind that feels like ice-cream brain freeze that won’t go away. She took two Excedrin, filled a giant water bottle, and headed to work with her prescription migraine medicine in her pocket.

The last time Norma took her migraine medicine, it made her feel like she was dragging around a ton of bricks, while simultaneously feeling dizzy and unbalanced. On this particular day, Norma was going to be presenting in front of a lot of people. She decided to wait and see if the Excedrin would help.

By the time Norma was getting off the subway and walking to her office, she knew that a migraine was imminent. She had taken her medicine on the way to work, and only one or two other subway riders had raised an eyebrow as they watched her down an enormous pill on the train. But it had been too late. The throbbing was worse — it was more of a constant. Rather than a regular headache that goes THUMP THUMP… the beginning of a migraine just goes TTTTHHHUUUAAAAMMMMPPP!!!!!

Norma staggered to her office, dragging a suitcase of materials for her presentation along with her. The too-bright sunshine made it all worse, and she squinted and tried to shield her eyes as she bumbled along.

A little while later, as she stumbled onto stage, that’s when the migraine went into full force. As Norma attempted to teach a roomful of undergraduates statistics (standard deviations and z score, to be precise), she started to see spots dancing in front of her eyes. There were foggy looking halos floating around the lights in the auditorium, and the audience was just a fuzzy mass of shapes. Her ears were ringing.

Oh no, oh no, oh no Norma thought to herself. The worst symptom of all had just started. As any migraine sufferer knows, once the nausea hits, you’re done. In Norma’s case, if her migraine progressed to nausea, and if she actually vomited, she wasn’t just done for the day. She was going to be in bed for days.

Excuse me folks, let’s take a fifteen minute break.

As students milled about, stretching their backs, dialing phone numbers and checking email, Norma made a beeline for her office.


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