Day 13 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Walking

For this post, I’m playing around with the ‘Write Without Sight’ strategy that Dana suggested in her post on Thursday. I’m realizing that I have been relying very heavily on imagery in my writing! After writing this I feel like I’ve had a brain-workout.

Lily’s constant chatter bubbles away in the kitchen as she tells Brinton her stories. Music is on in the background–some rock and roll that Lily likes.

I’m a lonely boy… Oh.. oh-oh… I got a love that keeps me waiting.

I can hear Brinton chopping vegetables and the sizzling of something coming out of the oven. Chicken marinated in Veri Veri Teriyaki. It smells delicious.

Jackson and I are in the living room, where it is quieter. The sun streaming through the windows feels so nice–we haven’t seen much of it in the past few months.

Jackson is hanging on to the edges of the coffee table, taking little baby steps around the edges.

“Jackson, let’s go for a walk!” I say. I stand behind him and hold his soft pudgy hands, holding him up so that he can take a few ‘steps.’ I can smell his baby shampoo.

Usually Jackson just sits down the moment that I suggest walking, but this time he hold on and cries out “Da-da-da-da!”

“Let’s go for a walk to see Da-da! Great idea Jackson!”

Hanging on to my hands, Jackson’s feet make soft little thud-thud-thuds on the floor as he stomps away. “Ahhh!” he cries triumphantly.

We walk from the sunny living room, through the shade of the dining room, and into the kitchen toward the sounds of sizzling and music and chopping and dishes clattering. Lily is still chattering away, but when she sees Jackson she calls, “Hooray Jackson! Look who’s walking!”

Jackson claps his hands. “Da-da-da!”

Brinton kneels down and cheers. “Hooray Jackson! You’re walking!” I join in too, “Hooray!” and soon we’re all cheering. Indie, our dog, wakes up from his nap and walks over to Jackson to see what all the excitement is about.

“Da-da-da-da! Ah! Hah!” The little stomps speed up and Jackson does a little happy dance, still holding on to my hands for balance.



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