Day 14 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Magical Moment

Today I had a truly #magicalmoment.

I was getting myself organized for my next meeting when two middle school girls poked their heads in the door. “Are you Ms. Moore?” one of them asked.

“Yep. That’s me!”

“Umm…” the taller girl with red hair and black framed glasses looked a little embarrassed. “I’m Rachel*. Our teacher, Mr. G. said I should come sing you this song I wrote for writing workshop.”

“What?! That’s awesome! Come on in!”

The two girls walked in and I saw that Rachel was carrying a guitar. As she opened the case she started chatting nervously–she had played piano since she was little, just started guitar a few months ago. Their class had been writing personal narratives, but she asked her teacher if she could write a song to tell her story and he said yes.

She tuned her guitar (quite expertly, considering she’d only been playing a few months), and opened up her laptop.

“Umm… maybe you want to see the lyrics while I’m singing. I think it will make more sense that way.”

“Of course,” I said. I scooted my chair next to her and read the lyrics as she began to play.

Oh. my. god.

I had chills instantly. She sang so beautifully, and her song was just so beautiful. I wish I had asked for a copy of it. Like all great songs, little snippets still hang with me.

They all said he couldn’t tell right from wrong…

And he liked the way the keys felt underneath his fingers…

As the song neared the end I felt tears well up in my eyes. I managed to blink them back. Mostly.

Rachel finished singing, and I wiped away tears. I looked at her and she and her friend both had tears in their eyes too.

“I’m sorry I’m crying! Your song is just so beautiful!” I explained.

“No! This is the best reaction I’ve ever had to one of my songs!” Rachel said. Her friend nodded and laughed. “It’s true! This is the best!”

I gave the girls hugs.

“I am so glad you sang this song to me today Rachel. This is the best thing that’s happened to me all week. I hope you keep writing songs. No matter what. Just keep writing songs.”

She smiled. “I already have an idea for my next one.”

That was my magical moment today.

Have you seen the #magicalmoment conversation happening on Twitter? All this month, my colleagues at TCRWP have invited educators to share magical moments from their day. Add a little sunshine to your day and check out moments others have shared, and share yours to help brighten someone else’s day.




* Student names have been changed.


12 thoughts on “Day 14 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Magical Moment

  1. And it all started with a “yes” from Mr.G. Amazing things happen when we give students “voice and choice”–in this case, literally! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment!

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  2. What a fantastic moment! I’m sure your reaction meant a tremendous amount to both girls. Kudos to Mr.G. for allowing her to express herself the way she wanted. Moments like those are great reminders of why teaching is such a great profession.


  3. First – what a great idea of have the hashtag which means stopping to recognize magical moments. That’s a good thing.
    Second – I was so touched by your reaction, and the fact that you showed what you felt. This young musician will always remember that, Beth.


  4. A truly #magicalmoment!! One that will stay with you for a long time. Perhaps we will hear much about this student in the future!


  5. This is beautiful! I was blessed by a similar magical moment last week. With my student teacher moving towards complete takeover of the classroom, I have been going to other rooms to observe and learn from my peers. I went in to watch the music teacher a few days ago, and one of her students asked if he could take a moment from the class to play a piece he had been practicing on his saxophone.
    He proceeded to play a magical piece, completely from memory, that had all of us in the room mesmerized. Another teacher was crying, and I knew I had just witnessed the extraordinary.


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