Day 15 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Ski School



Last day of ski school today. I had to run, run, run to catch Lily’s run through the race course and got there just in the knick of time as she swooshed past the last gate and joined her little group (aren’t they adorable?!)

Can I brag about my kid for a minute? I’m super proud of my kid! She moved THREE levels as a skier this year! She makes parallel turns, she uses poles, she even skis easy black diamond trails! Most importantly, she absolutely loves skiing. She grew so much. Practically right in front of our eyes.

Years ago, in another life, I was a ski instructor. In many ways it was my first teaching job. If you can manage ten or twelve kids on a mountain in the freezing cold, you can pretty do much do anything, in my book. Picture your wildest day you’ve ever had in the classroom. Now picture it at the top of the mountain, with the icy wind whipping. Chairlifts, ice storms, tantrums, lost/dropped/broken equipment and/or clothing, crazy competitive parents, the inevitable injuries… Ski instructors are practically superheroes.

Anyway, for five years I had the same group of kids. I was with them starting when they were 4 and 5 years old, like Lily, until they were 9 and 10 years old. Watching them grow as skiers was what sparked my love of teaching. I could literally see them learning and changing right before my very eyes.

Now I get to see the same thing happening, with Lily. She is growing and learning right before my eyes.



4 thoughts on “Day 15 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Ski School

    1. Melanie, strangely, it’s not that bad when it’s really cold–at least not bad enough to be a bottom ten (I could think of far worse things!). There’s a sort of solidarity that you feel between the kids, the other instructors, and everyone else who is braving the cold.


  1. I was a swim instructor and that is what lead me into teaching. I am very impressed with Lily. I have only tried skiing a couple of times and never really learned to enjoy it. I didn’t know enough and knew, as I flew down the bunny hill that I had little or no control and that scared me too much.


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