Day 16 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Lovies

Fellow slicers, I’m trying fiction for the third time this month! I’m a newbie to fiction. This time, I’m trying from the point of view of a child.

Harold is my most favoritest toy in the world. He is a Dalmatian dog stuffed animal. He’s white with black spots, and he’s very soft and silky.

I take Harold with me everywhere I go. I take him to Gradma’s house. I take him to my Aunt Jennifer’s house. I even take him to preschool with me! He has to stay in my cubby when I’m at preschool.

One day I was very, very, VERY sick. I hugged Harold as tight as I could. “My tummy hurts!” I told Harold. His soft, silky fur felt good against my cheek.

Usually Mama smiles a lot. But now she just looked worried.

On the sick day I Harold stayed with me no matter what. Harold slept with me. He watched movies with me. He ate chicken noodle soup with me. Harold got pretty stinky and pretty dirty. But that was okay with me. No matter how stinky or how dirty, Harold was still my most favoritest toy in the world.

That night I fell asleep using Harold for a pillow, like I always do. In the middle of the night I woke up, and the first thing I did was search around my bed for Harold. Found him. And he was all clean and fuzzy again! Hooray! I fell back to sleep, with my head on top of Harold.

In the morning I was still sick. Mama was still looking pretty worried. Harold stayed with me all day for the second day. He slept with me again. He watched movies with me again. He even ate chicken noodle soup with me again. Harold got pretty stinky and pretty dirty all over again. But, no matter how stinky or how dirty, Harold was still my most favoritest toy in the world.

That night, I was starting to feel a little better. I fell asleep with Harold for a pillow like I always do.

But when I woke up in the morning, Harold WAS MISSING. I searched my bed like I always do. No Harold! I looked in my dresser drawers. I checked my closet. I even looked in the BATHROOM. No Harold.


I went running into the living room.

I could not believe what I saw. There was a giant basket of clean laundry sitting on the coffee table. It was filled with clean sheets from my bed, clean towels from my bathrooms, clean pajamas that I was wearing when I was sick. And on top of all that were TWO Harolds!


Mama looked the most worried I’ve ever seen her look.

Seeing two Harolds at once was the most wonderful feeling and the most horrible feeling all at once. There were two Harolds. I thought there was only one. I thought Harold was my most favoritest toy in the whole world.

“Are you feeling okay?” Mama asked.

I walked over to the laundry basket. I felt a little dizzy. Two Harolds?

I picked up Harold #1 and held him up next to Harold #2. They were exactly alike.

“Oh, honey,” said Mama. She sounded sad. “I’m so sorry.” She was holding her hand over her mouth. It looked like she was holding her breath.

“Mama, are there two Harolds?” I asked. I felt happy and sad all at the same time.

“Yes, baby, there are. Are you okay with that?”

I looked at them both. They both were white with black spots. They were both very soft and silky. And right now, they both smelled fresh and clean.

I held one up to each cheek. Two Harolds felt even better than one.

“Now there are two Harolds!” I cried. I jumped up and down. I spun around with a Harold in each hand. I skipped in a big loop around the house. With two Harolds, suddenly I didn’t feel sick anymore. And for the first time in two days, Mama was smiling.



5 thoughts on “Day 16 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Lovies

  1. My oldest had a “Snugs” that she wouldn’t part with. When she was about 18 months old, we knew we would need a double. We stealthily switched out the old Snugs for the new one during a nap. They were identical. When she woke up…no lie…she looked right at it, and said, “Where’s my Snugs?”


  2. This is such a sweet story. Was it inspired by Lily’s owl blanket?

    If you’re planning to work this into a picture book, I’ll give you a comp title: Baby Bunny’s Blue Blanket. (Just thought I’d do some of the query letter work for you.) 🙂


  3. I can just imagine a picture book too, and would love more of the mother’s thoughts too. I sort of thought at first that the child was really sick. Fun to read, Beth. My son & daughter-in-law had two Charlie Browns for their son. . .


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