Day 24 Slice of Life Story Challenge: In My Bag

Inspired by a student post, here is what is in my school bag:

  1. No less than three packs of Post-its of various shapes, sizes, and colors
  2. Five pens: one black Flair pen, two black Uniball pens, one cheap Staples ball point pen
  3. Two crumpled receipts from Dunkin Donuts: large coffees
  4. An empty bottle of my migraine medicine, to remind me to stop at CVS and get it refilled
  5. One cherry Chapstick, two Mac red lipsticks so scratched up that I can’t read the label to see what the color is called, one Burt’s Bee’s watermelon lipgloss
  6. My wallet: a small zipper wallet that came included with my ski parka, the kind meant to be used when you’re doing sports, but who has time to switch everything back and forth every time?
  7. My keys: two ski rack keys (one for my car, one for Brinton’s), a house key, my car key, attached to a key ring that Brinton’s father made in his word-working days.
  8. A half-full/half-empty bottled water. I see it both ways.




9 thoughts on “Day 24 Slice of Life Story Challenge: In My Bag

  1. I want your bag. I need to fill up my bag with post its, red lipstick, pens, and ski things. I don’t ski, but I wish I did. I don’t wear red lipstick, but I used to. What I really need to know is what bag do you carry everything in?


  2. Half-full, half-empty, I see it both ways… I love that. It seems more true to life than insisting only on half-full. That tends to make me feel guilty for seeing half-empty.


  3. Ruth did a post like this a few years ago, and I thought it was so neat! It’s fun to consider what the contents of your bag say about your personality! This is one of my favorite types of posts to show kids when they’re stuck for ideas.

    Your last line was my favorite. I love that you are able to see it both ways!


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