Day 26 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Alice, Part 3

Playing with fiction again. This is a continuation of a story about Alice. You can read the first part of the story here. And click here for Part 2 of Alice.

Alice, half asleep, crawled out of her tent. Groggily, she stretched and took a deep breath of the woodsy, sweet smelling air. Pine trees and leaves. Mmm.

Birds were tweeting. The sky peeking through the branches was robins egg blue. It was going to be a beautiful day.

Alice had a thought tugging at the back of her mind. Wasn’t I about to do something before bed last night? She shrugged it off, figuring, as she usually did, if it were important, then surely she’d remember it at some point. Besides, I’m camping! she gleefully thought.

For now, Alice concentrated on getting her coffee and the other food down from the tree it was hanging from, safe from bears, and, she supposed, other animals too. The rope had been soaking wet when she tied the knots, and now that  it was drying out the rope was shrinking, making the knots tighter. Was it raining last night? Huh. I don’t remember. The thought disappeared from her mind as quickly as it had entered.

The high branch her food sack was slung over was still wet, and drips sprinkled down onto her face as she let the rope out little by little, watching the heavy stuff sack come safely down. Something about looking up at the branch seemed familiar. Like deja vu. Have I been here before or something? Alice didn’t think she had hiked this part of the state before. In fact, that was the whole point of her trip. Or was it. She couldn’t really remember. For a moment, Alice tried to recall the name of the trail she was on. When she couldn’t, she thought, Oh well. Better get some coffee.



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