September 14 Slice of Life Challenge: From the Ground You Can See Everyone Who Loves You

Lily was dancing in the front row at Burger Night at Bread and Butter Farm.

Mr. Chris, the guitar player was singing:

Jump, jump, jump up and down!

Jump until you fall onto the ground!

Lily flopped down onto the ground.

From the ground you can see your mommy. From the ground you can see your dad.

From the ground you can see everyone who loves you. You don’t have to get up but you get up anyway!

Lily hopped up and started to dance some more.

The song came to an end.

“Does anybody have a joke to tell?” Mr. Chris asked the whole audience. Lily could hardly believe he was asking this question. She waved her hand in the air. “I do! I know lots of jokes!”

Nobody heard her. With her hand still in the air, she made her way to the stage. There were four other kids doing the same thing. All five of them climbed onto the stage.

Mr. Chris kneeled down and held the microphone for the first kid.

“Go ahead and tell your joke,” he said kindly to the little boy at the microphone.

The little boy’s face went blank. “Um…I don’t have one,” he said.

Mr. Chris moved the microphone to the little girl who was waiting next. “Bubble gum!” she shouted into the mic. All the grown-ups and kids in the crowd laughed and the little girl looked very proud of herself.

“Bubblegum!” shouted the next kid.

“Bubblegum!” shouted the fourth kid.

Lily looked out across the field and searched out her mom and dad. There they were.

“What did the bull frog say to the tree frog,” said Lily, when it was her turn at the mic. She paused. “Come play in the RIBBER with me!” The crowd laughed loudly and Lily beamed.

“Alright, folks! That’s it for tonight! Let’s give these jokesters a hand!” cheered Mr. Chris.

Lily bowed, and the applause filled her ears. As she looked out at the crowd, her eyes landed on her mom and dad. She climbed down from the stage, and danced over to them, smiling from ear to ear.


6 thoughts on “September 14 Slice of Life Challenge: From the Ground You Can See Everyone Who Loves You

  1. I love how sweet this is. And the detail is incredible. I can just picture young Lily flouncing around with a smile that brightens her whole face. The deep love you feel for her is obvious, and love that she kept looking at you to show her affections. Simply beautiful!


  2. So precious! And of course, I love the silly question, “Does anybody have a joke to tell?” There’s a lot of distance between climbing the stage and telling the joke as any preschool or kindergarten teacher could tell us! Absolutely love that Lily was able to tell a joke to everyone. What a great moment to have captured!


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