September 29 Slice of Life Challenge: Creating a Character

Last week, stumped for ideas, I turned to a 12 Step Plan for Writers at Writers Digest in desperation. Honestly, I expected it to be really lame (sorry WD, but that’s the truth). Imagine my surprise when seven days later, I still find myself thinking about those novel titles I brainstormed last week! It worked!

So I went back to it again this week. Back to the same Writer’s Digest Post, “A 12 Day Plan of Simple Writing Exercises.”

Day 2:
Create a character with personality traits of someone you love, but the physical characteristics of someone you don’t care for.

This time was harder. But also interesting, as a writer, and fun.


Lora sat on the front steps of our porch. She was impeccably dressed, in white denim, a swingy navy & white striped top, and heavy, bold golden necklaces and bracelets. As the breeze picked up I wondered for a minute how long it took for her to straighten her blond locks every morning — it was always perfect and shiny — not like my usual messy ponytail.

She pushed her black-rimmed glasses down to the end of her nose, and strummed her guitar.

My life, my family….my loooooove  she began to sing.

She paused for a moment, as though thinking up the next lyrics, her face fixed in a permanent frown–a stark contrast to the heartfelt lyrics and delicate melody of the song she was composing on the guitar.

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3 thoughts on “September 29 Slice of Life Challenge: Creating a Character

  1. I love your writing conceit about the outside vs. the inside qualities. It made me wonder if the person who best fits this description were someone who would read this post. I often think about writing a memoir but then lose courage when I think about how the people I know best might be searching the work for glimpses of themselves which may or may not be flattering.


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