Day 2 SOLSC: Go Pro

My husband bought a Go Pro last week. Like a kid with a new toy, he has been using it nonstop. Every moment of Jackson and Lily’s life will now be documented — for better or worse!

My own parents never had a video camera when I was little. There are zero videotapes of me that I know of, prior to my late-twenties. And thank goodness!

The few photos that do exist are excellent reminders of changing fashions and awkward teenage years. Most of my childhood photos were taken at big family events. It was rare that my parents busted out the camera for every day stuff. Photos were taken selectively, almost always group shots, or me and my brother posing for the camera.

Contrast that with my own children. It’s not a huge exaggeration to say that every waking moment of Lily’s first few weeks of life were documented, in multiple forms of media. Partly, we take hundreds of photos simply because we can, but I also know that I take tons of video because, like all parents, I want my kids to have what I didn’t have.

I wonder what Jackson and Lily will think about all this footage as they get older. Like other generations, will they grow up and feel the need to do what we didn’t do? Will they purposefully scale back the number of photos, videos, and social media posts about their own children, in an effort to give their kids something that they didn’t have?

I don’t know!

In the meantime, check out Brinton’s first movie of Lily using the GoPro! We’re so proud of her!




8 thoughts on “Day 2 SOLSC: Go Pro

  1. I often think about how cool it will be…in the future…for this generation to have so much video, imagery, and audio of their lives as they grow up. I wish more existed of me…


  2. That’s awesome! Good job! I can’t wait to show my 9 year old son this GoPro Video .He just got a GoPro (knock off) and cant wait to use it. But we don’t have the lovely ski slopes neat to adventure upon….guess we need to take a trip!


  3. Oh…to be so young and so free! As a person who first tried skiing in her 30s and had good technique but was petrified by “heights” and unable to pursue skiing, I am in awe of this! It looks like so much fun and is very nature-based which is a wonderful thing. Enjoy!!!!


  4. Great job on the video! I have a Go Pro, too, that I got this summer, but my videos aren’t nearly as cool as that one! Maybe I need lessons. haha 🙂 I was just thinking about this same thing the other day…this notion that we document everything. I think we didn’t do it in the past because it wasn’t as readily available and it cost so much more money. Think about it. When you took a picture, it cost money to buy the film and then cost more money to get the pictures developed. You wouldn’t want to “waste” your pictures on mundane things. Now with digital cameras…and the fact that we have them with us all the time…we take pictures of everything! I think there’s pros and cons to both ways.


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