Day 11: Evidence of Unicorns

When I was a little kid, I spent a lot of time exploring the woods behind my parents’ house. One of my favorite hobbies was searching for signs of unicorns.

I went through a big unicorn phase, from about age 5-11. My mom even painted a mural of a unicorn on my bedroom wall!

My parents’ house was bordered in the back by hundreds of acres of forests and farmland, that I would wander the cow paths, looking for things like glittery soil, rainbow colored leaves, hoof prints, and heart shape rocks.

Those are just the signs of unicorns I can remember. I had completely forgotten about the search for unicorns yesterday, as I was walking into school with my daughter. She stopped to admire the stones on the way.

“Mama! Look! A heart-shaped stone! It’s perfect.”

As she held it up, an old familiar feeling washed over me. Unicorns!

“Hey, did I ever tell you the signs of a unicorn?”

Lily’s eyes grew big and wide. “What? There’s evidence of unicorns?”

I smiled. Of course my science-loving daughter would use the word “evidence” and “unicorns” in the same sentence.

“Yep,” I said. And I described the list to her, feeling a bit like a wise old woman, passing on the magic to a young heroine, about to begin her quest.


2 thoughts on “Day 11: Evidence of Unicorns

  1. I absolutely adore that she used evidence in the same sentence as unicorn! May you both find more proof of unicorns on your future walks together! Thanks for sharing!


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