Day 15: Overheard at School

In the midst of running around, I captured some snippets. Little gold nuggets:

In Kindergarten: “I have a love page in my How-To Go Camping book. Can I read my love page to you?”

In First Grade:”Are you making a list of books we need? Oh good, because we definitely need more mermaid books. Did you write that down? Mermaid books.”

In Second Grade: “My tiny topics notebook is exploding!”

In Third Grade: “Everybody should have an ice rink. Because they are super easy to build.”

In Fourth Grade: “I’m like the British because I have all the power, and my little brother and sister are like the French and the Native Americans because I make them leave.”

There you have it, not one, but four tiny shining slices of my day.

Join us for the Slice of Life Story Challenge!

5 thoughts on “Day 15: Overheard at School

  1. Oh boy, I needed this today.. I especially like the tiny topics that are exploding. This also gives me a peek into a day in the life of your job.. how fun. And yes.. we always need more mermaid books.


  2. Each slice tells a story. Each one of us who reads it will create that story. What beautiful examples of the transactional nature of writing and reading! I could just picture those “slices” so clearly as part of rich conversations. Thanks for this!!


  3. So cute! Everyone should have an ice rink! Why not! I especially like the 4th grade comment. I teach 4th and we also explore the French & Indian War. One of my students could have made that same comment!


  4. The best part is that you wrote them down! Now they are unforgettable. You can tuck them away in a folder or drawer to come back to when you need a smile!


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