Day 21: Soccer

Lily dug through the outdoor toy box and pulled out a soccer ball.

“Want to play keep away?” she asked.

I was surprised she even knew what keep away was. She definitely didn’t learn that from me!

“Sure!” I said enthusiastically. Internally, my childhood aversion to team sports kicked in. I guess that means I’ll have to run around. Sigh.

Lily burst into wildly animated kicks and jumps as she worked on keeping the ball away from me. I’m a big believer in not just letting kids win, so over and over I took the ball away from her. Each time I got the ball, she renewed her energy and jumped and kicked and spun in circles even more energetically.

I tapped the ball left.

Lily spun around twice, jumped over the ball, stomped on it, fell down, got up, and kicked at it three times.

I easily swiped the ball and kicked it behind me.

Lily dashed behind me, kicked the ball, jumped up high, and spun around three times.

Phew. I was tired just looking at her!

But Lily was smiling ear to ear. She was breathing hard, but full of gusto and confidence.

“Mom! I’m so good at this! I’m going to give keep away lessons at recess tomorrow!”

Giving lessons? Now that, she probably did learn from me!

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