Day 22: Ideas for Future Stories

It’s Day 22 of the Slice of Life Story Challenge. I missed two days last week when I was sick, and I am determined not to miss another day of writing this month!

BUT it’s been a very long day of school, followed by a board meeting at night. My brain is tired and I’m having trouble coming up with a story to write. So, tonight I’ll do what I would probably suggest to a student who is stuck for ideas – make a list of future ideas for stories.

  1. Band Geek: practicing, auditioning, performances, band camp, orchestra, jazz band, marching band, pep band, college band. . .
  2. Brooklyn Apartment: graffiti, The Peach Pit, pests, upstairs neighbors, drumming, the smell, ceiling shakes, giant Christmas tree
  3. Manhattan Apartment #1: the kitchen, the day the power went out
  4. Manhattan Apartment #2: the kitchen, mice, the poodle I thought was grey, the elevator
  5. First night in new house
  6. Bringing Lily home, Indie seeing her for the first time, first night in crib, saying goodbye to the apartment, grocery shopping w/Lily, walking to park – wind
  7. Jackson and cars, trucks, roars, books, words
  8. Nanny #’s 1-10: getting locked out, leaving the oven on, feet painting, learning Spanish, breast feeding
  9. NYC Public Schools
  10. Ski instructor – skiing in the rain, singing on the chairlift, hot chocolate, skiing waterfall, pow wow
  11. First trip to Bloomingdales
  12. Last drive through Brooklyn
  13. Last trip to Coney Island
  14. Last trip to Rockaway Beach
  15. Traveling for work: the North Carolina trip, Spokane red eye from hell, five states in one week – easy, medical emergencies while traveling, life and death and pregnancy
  16. Breast feeding all over the USA in closets, restrooms, principals’ offices, classrooms
  17. College apartment: roommates, haircuts, music, keg in the shower, dangerous porch
  18. The year I was an RA: ghosts in the dorm, suicide, pneumonia, Jay Z, parents
  19. To be continued. . .
Join us for the Slice of Life Story Challenge!

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