Laundry Cycle

On Monday I gathered the dirty laundry from all about the house: towels, still damp from last night’s bath-time, leggings and skirts from our daughter’s bedroom floor, my son’s toddler-sized tee, slightly crusty from yesterday’s snacks.

On Tuesday I sorted: whites, delicates, towels, and millions of play-clothes. I reach for something, glance at it, toss it in the right basket.  Reach, glance, toss. Reach, glance, toss. Reach. Glance. Toss. Reach… Reach… Reach…

Wednesday, the baskets of dirty laundry sat in a row, waiting. All day.

Thursday, one load of laundry after another, into the washing machine and into the dryer. One after the other.

On Friday, I still haven’t folded any of the clean laundry from Thursday, but I’m too tired to do it now.


By Sunday, ,most of the clean laundry is back in the dirty laundry piles again.

And so I begin again.

3 thoughts on “Laundry Cycle

  1. Laundry!! My never-ending curse, too! I remember years ago, my former principal saying she liked laundry because it felt like a concrete accomplishment you could point to when it was finished. I try to remind myself of the “blessings” of laundry- it means I have a family, a washing machine and dryer in my house, and an abundance of clothes. It also helps that my mom is my “laundry angel” and does quite a bit for me during the school year. Glad to read your voice here!


  2. Oh, I detest folding the laundry and putting it away. However, we recently got rid of the chair in our bedroom where I’d toss the clean clothes. Now I actually have to put things away immediately. Grrr!

    Btw: Welcome back!


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