Day 3 SOLSC: Snuggles

It is early. Still dark out.

I hear footsteps coming around to my side of the bed — I can tell it is Jackson from the swish of his pull-up that he still wears at night.

“Mama is it morning time?” he asks.

He is climbing into bed next to me, draping his little body across me in a warm, smooshy hug. Then he says, “I’m going to kiss you now too” and gives me two wet smooches on the cheek.

He stays there for a few minutes, snuggled up with me, and then I hear more footsteps. I can tell it is Lily, because the steps are lightfooted–she likes to tiptoe in undetected.

She crawls, catlike, into the middle of the bed between my husband and I. She sighs contentedly. “I’m right in the middle where I want to be,” she says.

All four of us, plus the dog are snuggled up, still sleepy. Still sleeping, partly.

Until the spell is broken, when inevitably, one of my children always asks, knowing that my husband and I will probably say yes because we are half asleep and too tired to say now: “Can we watch cartoons now?”

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4 thoughts on “Day 3 SOLSC: Snuggles

  1. What a precious moment, your writing makes me feel all warm and burrowed in bedclothes, just as one should be in the wee hours of the morning. My husband and I bought an enormous bed when we moved house a few years ago, with the expectation that little ones would be joining us in it soon enough. And now we have a toddler who WILL NOT snuggle in bed with us, despite our best efforts to get a collective five more minutes of sleep. I know we should be grateful that she loves her own bed, but I am so jealous of your family bed cuddles!


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