Day 11 SOLSC: Commercialized Toys

If you’re not familiar, this is a “Fur Real Pet” named Torch. Real mist comes out of his mouth, and he makes baby dragon noises and moves around when you pet him. He even comes with a pretend marshmallow on a stick that he can “toast” with his steam.torch

My daughter saved up all her allowance for months to buy this thing. She wanted it SO BADLY. And now that she finally has it, she is obsessed with it. Torch is her new best friend.

When Lily’s not hanging out with Torch, she’s working on his scrapbook.

Lily spent three days working on this project, cutting all the pictures from the box to create this book. She got the idea for the scrapbook from this:


When Lily was first born, I had this crazy idea that we’d never buy commercialized toys, or watch movies like Trolls. Somehow between the wooden blocks she received for her first birthday, and all the small compromises across the years, we’ve arrived at this.

And I’m okay with that.

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11 thoughts on “Day 11 SOLSC: Commercialized Toys

  1. Parenting is definitely “on the job training”. We had images of our life a family that we quickly revised as we lived and learned. I think Lily is certainly making the most of her new toy and if we think about the purpose of toys being to entertain and experiment with the bigger world-she’s got it! Great post.


  2. I remember thinking that same thing… along with no shirts with cartoon characters or strange screen printed things on them. That worked for 1.5 of my children… I gave in halfway through the second and number three is a total loss. I figure if it brings them joy…
    Great post!


  3. It might be a commercialized toy, but she loves it so much! AND she created that beautiful scrapbook, obviously on her own. Precious!


  4. What a loyal friend she is and I love how much she loves him! This is all practice for real life. The amount of time, effort, and creativity it took for her to make that scrapbook, wow! That’s a keeper for the graduation party table of artifacts if I ever saw one.


  5. What we plan for our children to love and what they actually love is always such a vast distance apart. I love that she really, really loves the toy she saved all her money for, and that she made it (him?) a scrapbook. Who can really disapprove of a toy that encourages your child to make a book?


  6. I hear ya on this one … I thought I would be able to hide my girls from princesses and Barbies. What were we thinking? We can only protect them for so long. Then the real world of friends and commercials ruins our big plans. But in the end, as you say, I’m okay with it too.


    1. Thankfully, Lily has never been into Barbie, and has declared herself anti-princess. She actually struggles a bit with friends sometimes because all the other girls she knows are super into princesses. We have to have conversations about how it is okay for friends to like different things….


  7. Just get used to getting used to what you thought you’d never get used to. Yep, I loved the blocks too. They’re a tough sell when there’s a toy that makes noises when you pet him. Love reading about your girl and her tribute!


  8. Ha! Megan got the Fur Real unicorn for her birthday and we have the app on my phone for it now. I love how Lily is making a scrapbook! Adorable.


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