Day 13 SOLSC: Today’s Tantrums

I feel like I’ve been writing about tantrums a lot lately.

That’s because my life is filled with a tantrumming three year old – a lot – lately. (Spellcheck tells me tantrumming is not a word — well I say it is.)

Today’s tantrums included:

  1. First thing this morning, I walked down the stairs in front of him. This caused shrieks of anger. I had to come back up to the top of the stairs to hold his hand on the way down.
  2. At breakfast, I offered him toast. He didn’t want toast, so naturally he cried and screamed for the next thirty minutes, refusing every possible breakfast food we had to offer.
  3. After breakfast I wiped off the placemat where he had been sitting. He not only shouted in anger, but marched over to the table, grabbed the placemat, threw it on the ground, stomped on it, kicked it, picked it up and threw it at the wall. This continued for half an hour while I packed lunches.
  4. When I buckled him into his car seat, he shouted “Too tight! The buckles are buckling me!” He screamed the entire way to daycare – I don’t know this firsthand because my husband dropped him off today – but I can guarantee that is what happened.
  5. Upon returning home from daycare, his green car was missing from the pile of green toys he had collected in the morning. Another epic meltdown.
  6. I am sure there are at least two or three more tantrums during dinner, but I’m too tired to remember them.
  7. At bedtime, he wanted mommy. When I came upstairs to trade places with my husband, he screamed, “No! I want Daddy!” but when I turned to leave his bedroom, he screamed, “No! Mommy, stay! Don’t go!” This went on and on … and on.

For all the insane tantrums, he is still the cutest, happiest little kid you’ll ever meet – just don’t try to walk ahead of him, offer him toast, wipe his placemat, buckle his car seat, or put him to bed.


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3 thoughts on “Day 13 SOLSC: Today’s Tantrums

  1. Oh the mystery of toddler thinking! They want to somehow control their world! They somehow want to do what they think is important at any specific moment! Most of the time they tantrum when they just want to control the event of the moment; thus, you cannot prevent tantrums nor can you stop them. You can only remember that it is a sure sign of a toddler who know what he/she wants and is not afraid to express their ideas!


  2. Oh…I want to bring you a green car, a piece of toast, and time for a nap! It’s such hard work being a toddler, and even harder work being the mom of a toddler. I love that you smile through it all. Your descriptions made me smile, too–while also wishing you well-deserved peace and respite from tantrums!


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