Day 15 SOLSC: Powder Day Translation for Non-Skiers

Today was epic!

Today was a great day for skiing.

I did dawn patrol this morning and had first turns on Exhibition!

I woke up at 5am to hike the mountain using special touring equipment before the lifts opened, and was one of the first people to ski in the three feet of fresh powder on a trail called Exhibition.

I was hitting pillows!

The snow was so fluffy it was like pillows.

Then I got first chair with some friends and we ducked into the back bowls.

Then I waited in line so that I could be on the chairlift as soon as it opened. We skied in an out-of-bounds area in the trees known as the back bowls.

It was epic!

It was a great day for skiing in the back bowls.

After that we shredded the headwall!

After that we skied on a particularly difficult  part of one trail known as the “headwall.” 

Then back to the back bowls to do the Ear.

We went back to the out-of-bounds woods trails and skied a part of the mountain known as the Elephant’s Ear.

The Ear was pretty gnarly in some parts.

Parts of the wooded trail had been skied enough that rocks, stumps, and roots were starting to become obstacles to ski over and around.

B. was texting me with powder anxiety all day.

My husband, who was home with the kids, was desperate to ski before all the fresh powder had been skied in.

The mountain was dumping the entire day.

There was heavy snowfall on the mountain all day.

We did the switch at noon.

I went home at noon to be with our kids, and my husband headed up to the mountain to ski. 

B.’s still skinning right now!

My husband and his friends are hiking the mountain and skiing by head lamp as I write this (at 8:25pm).

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