Day 25 SOLSC: Brunchert

Today I took my niece, *Ali, out to brunch to celebrate her sixth birthday.

As we parked the car, she asked, “Aunt Beth, what’s brunch?”

“It’s the most wonderful thing ever. It’s a cross between breakfast and lunch.”

Ali smiled. “Oh, yeah! Who doesn’t like that? Let’s go have brunch!

It was chilly today, so we walked the few blocks to the restaurant as quickly as we could, talking about what would make the perfect brunch. I said I thought eggs benedict seemed just about perfect. Ali said she wasn’t sure yet.

When we were seated at the restaurant, Ali busied herself with a coloring page and chatted away. “Aunt Beth, if brunch is a cross between breakfast and lunch, then what would be a cross between lunch and dinner?”

We looked at each other and said at the same time, “Duncher!”

“Yum! Who doesn’t like duncher?!” she said, and practically fell out of her seat laughing.

“And if you cross breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you’d have bruncher!” she added. As she talked she colored furiously, as though all the excitement was too much to hold inside, so she had to let it out through her crayon. “Yum! Who doesn’t like bruncher?” she exclaimed.

“What if you added dessert into it? Then what?” I said.

“BRUNCHERT! You’d have brunchert! Yum, who doesn’t like brunchert!” she shouted. The young group of friends at the table next ours was smiling and laughing.

Ali and I giggled about brunchert, and colored, and chatted, and in the end we both agreed that the perfect brunchert would definitely have to be waffles.

Yum. Who doesn’t like waffles?



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