Day 26 SOLSC: Slice of Life


This is day 26 of the Slice of Life Challenge. I won’t lie. This year the challenge has been, well, challenging! It feels like each day has been a struggle just to get it done – more so than in years’ past. Perhaps I blocked out the struggles of last year, and only remember the successes. In any case, tonight’s post will have to be a quick one. One of those “just to say I did it” kind of things.

Well, I did it. Post #26. Done.

Join my coauthors and I at Two Writing Teachers for the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!




7 thoughts on “Day 26 SOLSC: Slice of Life

  1. Ha! Very relatable! My daughter told me the other day that my posts are getting weak…still loving it, will still do it again next year, but yeah…one more week….


  2. Last year I only made it to day 16. I blamed spring break. This year, I am trudging on and happy to have posted through spring break. However, today, I almost forgot. Cheers to you for fighting through the challenges!


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