Day 28 SOLSC: Poetry Is

“What is poetry?”

Inspired by:


Poetry is (nature version)

Snow blanketing everything as far as the eye can see

A bluebird day, not a cloud in the sky

The way the stars look brighter from the top of the mountain at night

The sound of tree trunks creaking in the breeze


Poetry is (family version)

The sound of both my kids laughing at the same time

A tiny boy sleeping in a big, big bed

A daughter who wants to be an archaeologist-explorer when she grows up

Two children snuggled on either side of my husband


Poetry is (book version)

A gorilla who paints his way to freedom

A boy and his fox who never give up searching for each other

A robot stranded on a desert island

A warm wind that carries away balloonist spiders

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8 thoughts on “Day 28 SOLSC: Poetry Is

  1. I don’t know this book, but you make we want to. I love this idea and it just might help me to get a few ideas out that have been waiting to take shape. Poetry comes in and reminds me that ideas don’t need shape!


  2. Are the books One and Only Ivan, Pax, and Charlotte’s Web? I don’t know the robot stranded on the island.

    Love all of your versions. I will have to look for that poetry book.


  3. Awesome! Book version is my favorite, although your daughter’s archaeologist-explorer line is a close follow-up. (I actually have a bumper sticker that says “I wanted to be an archaeologist when I grow up too!” back from my archaeology days.


  4. This is so beautiful, Beth! I love how you found poetry in nature, family, and books. What a perfect poem.


  5. I love how you took the same lead with three different points of view/versions. I had to reread them twice to think through the connections within each one. Just lovely.


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