Springtime in Vermont

In late February My Dad said to me, "Man, I love winter, But I don't love Shoveling my driveway. I'm ready for spring."   In March, My Mom said, "You know, I love the snow, But I just can't take The cold Like I used to. Winter can go away now"   Now it's April, … Continue reading Springtime in Vermont

2018 SOLSC Day 31: Easter Bunny

  Nobody told me that when you Become a parent You also become: Santa The Elf on the Shelf The Tooth Fairy Leprechauns And the Easter Bunny. Tonight I filled One hundred plastic eggs With erasers and toy cars, Stickers and candy. Then I scattered them About the house In the couch cushions, On the … Continue reading 2018 SOLSC Day 31: Easter Bunny