Snow in April

Spring arrived last week. I washed the snowpants and parkas. Mittens, hats, and scarves were tucked away in the basement. Waiting until┬ánext year.   I wore shorts last week. And sandals. And sunscreen. Spring had already sprung, you see.   And then, this morning I peered out the window. Snow. Snow was in the air. … Continue reading Snow in April

The Truth Is. . .

  My childhood was spent fighting dragons, defeating Darth Vader, constructing a world of bricks, only to have it torn down.   I practiced my Jedi moves. I danced and sang, and cast magical spells.   In the night when shadows crept across the walls, conjuring up a dragon, or Darth Vader, and I would banish them all by … Continue reading The Truth Is. . .