It’s the day after I’ve had surgery to remove a spot of skin cancer on one side of my nose. I lie in bed, holding an icepack to my right eye, the incision down the side of my nose is throbbing. One, two, three, four… Each of the throbs so distinct I can count them. […]

Mountain Biking

My mountain bike has literally changed my life. Changed. My life. Before I started mountain biking, I’m not sure what I did after work on sunny days while my kids were still at school or day care. Did I just come home and flop on the couch? (Probably). Did I fritter my time away on […]

A Bedtime Small Moment

Jackson, my three year old son, has gotten into the habit of requesting “words” at bedtime. After reading a story or two, he lies on his belly and says, “Mommy, write J for Jackson,” and I know this means that he wants me to trace the letters of his name onto his back. He instantly […]

DAY 31 SOLSC: Last Slice

“What should I write my last story about, Lily?” Without hesitating, Lily replied, “A girl who finds a dragon–or did you write that one already?” “No,” I answered, “not yet. Want to come in here in help me write it?” “Well,” Lily said thoughtfully,  “I’m making a necklace right now, but if you’re stuck I’d […]

Day 30 SOLSC: March on Madonna Mountain

Looking from the top of the mountain, the sky was the color of easter eggs – blue and off in the distance, near Lake Champlain, the sunset was pastel pink and yellow. The pine trees were frosted with snow that had fallen in the past few days. The snow sparkled in the late afternoon sunshine. […]

Day 28 SOLSC: Poetry Is

“What is poetry?” Inspired by: Poetry is (nature version) Snow blanketing everything as far as the eye can see A bluebird day, not a cloud in the sky The way the stars look brighter from the top of the mountain at night The sound of tree trunks creaking in the breeze   Poetry is (family version) The […]

Day 27 SOLSC: Charlotte’s Web

At bedtime tonight my daughter and I finished the last few chapters of Charlotte’s Web. I knew that the sad part was coming. I braced myself for it. Lily knew it was coming too. As soon as Charlotte decided to get in the crate with Wilbur, Lily curled up under her covers and hid her face. […]