Goodbye Babies-R-Us

The building looked the same on the outside. Kid-friendly bubble-letters labeled the building: Babies R Us/Toys R Us. Signs advertising brands like Graco and Britax were still displayed in the windows. But there was one difference–now there were also giant-sized banners announcing “FINAL¬†7¬† DAYS! EVERYTHING MUST GO!” My eight-year-old daughter clutched my hand as we […]

Springtime in Vermont

In late February My Dad said to me, “Man, I love winter, But I don’t love Shoveling my driveway. I’m ready for spring.”   In March, My Mom said, “You know, I love the snow, But I just can’t take The cold Like I used to. Winter can go away now”   Now it’s April, […]

2018 SOLSC Day 31: Easter Bunny

  Nobody told me that when you Become a parent You also become: Santa The Elf on the Shelf The Tooth Fairy Leprechauns And the Easter Bunny. Tonight I filled One hundred plastic eggs With erasers and toy cars, Stickers and candy. Then I scattered them About the house In the couch cushions, On the […]

2018 SOLSC Day 28: Hotel

When I travel For work I toss and turn. The sounds of The hotel Keep me awake. A door closing A cart wheeling by Voices of strangers Congregating down the hall A car pulls into the lot Outside my third floor window. I toss and turn. The sounds of The hotel Keep me awake.   […]

2018 SOLSC Day 27: Stitches

  Today at school My four year old son Fell off the monkey bars And split his bottom lip. My husband Sped to school As quickly as he could And brought my son To the hospital. Five stitches. Five stitches to sew up His tiny lip. The same sweet lips That blew me a kiss […]

2018 SOLSC Day 24: Sleepover

    Tonight Three cousins Seven, eight, and four years old Are going to Giggle Laugh Watch a movie Pretend to fall asleep In sleeping bags On the couches In the living room Tell stories Make funny voices And shadow puppets using flashlights And jokes And probably at some point Way past bedtime Dare each […]