My son, five years old, three feet tall, was skiing alongside me. A friend of mine, and his daughter were just behind us, skiing down the snowy tree-lined trail. “Hi-ya! Ha ha BANANA!” my son cried out joyfully. (He adds the word ‘banana’ to everything these days.) The trail was steeper than usual for the […]

My One Little Word #OLW for 2019

It was way past bedtime and my daughter, nine years old, could not sleep. She could not stop thinking and talking about something that had happened in school. A student in her grade level had been picked on by other kids, and my daughter admitted to me that she had laughed along with the joking–and […]


This week my occupational therapist taught me about the humunculous. Did you know that an enormous amount of your brain is devoted to your hands alone? This cool little statue represents how much of your brain is devoted to the sensory functions in that region of your body. (I’m sure I’m not understanding or explaining […]

Goodbye Babies-R-Us

The building looked the same on the outside. Kid-friendly bubble-letters labeled the building: Babies R Us/Toys R Us. Signs advertising brands like Graco and Britax were still displayed in the windows. But there was one difference–now there were also giant-sized banners announcing “FINAL¬†7¬† DAYS! EVERYTHING MUST GO!” My eight-year-old daughter clutched my hand as we […]

Springtime in Vermont

In late February My Dad said to me, “Man, I love winter, But I don’t love Shoveling my driveway. I’m ready for spring.”   In March, My Mom said, “You know, I love the snow, But I just can’t take The cold Like I used to. Winter can go away now”   Now it’s April, […]

2018 SOLSC Day 31: Easter Bunny

  Nobody told me that when you Become a parent You also become: Santa The Elf on the Shelf The Tooth Fairy Leprechauns And the Easter Bunny. Tonight I filled One hundred plastic eggs With erasers and toy cars, Stickers and candy. Then I scattered them About the house In the couch cushions, On the […]