My First Comic: Couch Fort

I'm learning to create comics! This is my first comic ever, right here. In March, my Two Writing Teachers colleagues and I will host the 12th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. My goal is to create a comic per day. Maybe I will even grow out of stick figures! Join my colleagues and I … Continue reading My First Comic: Couch Fort


My son, five years old, three feet tall, was skiing alongside me. A friend of mine, and his daughter were just behind us, skiing down the snowy tree-lined trail. "Hi-ya! Ha ha BANANA!" my son cried out joyfully. (He adds the word 'banana' to everything these days.) The trail was steeper than usual for the … Continue reading Wintersault

Goodbye Babies-R-Us

The building looked the same on the outside. Kid-friendly bubble-letters labeled the building: Babies R Us/Toys R Us. Signs advertising brands like Graco and Britax were still displayed in the windows. But there was one difference--now there were also giant-sized banners announcing "FINAL¬†7¬† DAYS! EVERYTHING MUST GO!" My eight-year-old daughter clutched my hand as we … Continue reading Goodbye Babies-R-Us