Day 26 SOLSC: Slice of Life

  This is day 26 of the Slice of Life Challenge. I won’t lie. This year the challenge has been, well, challenging! It feels like each day has been a struggle just to get it done – more so than in years’ past. Perhaps I blocked out the struggles of last year, and only remember […]

Day 25 SOLSC: Brunchert

Today I took my niece, *Ali, out to brunch to celebrate her sixth birthday. As we parked the car, she asked, “Aunt Beth, what’s brunch?” “It’s the most wonderful thing ever. It’s a cross between breakfast and lunch.” Ali smiled. “Oh, yeah! Who doesn’t like that? Let’s go have brunch!” It was chilly today, so we walked the […]

Day 23 SOLSC: Forcing My Kids To Ski

“Mommy, I just want to stay home and play today,” Lily said sweetly. She stared up at me from her breakfast with her big brown eyes. “Sorry, hon, in this family when it snows we go skiing,” I said. The fact that these were the exact words my mom probably said to me when I […]

Day 22 SOLSC: Writer’s Block

  I have written and rewritten this post for tonight. Every time I get started I lose my steam and delete it and start all over. Truth is, I have a bit of writer’s block. So I’m doing what I always tell students. I’m just free writing. My go-to strategy, when I am stuck, is […]

Day 21 SOLSC: Bedtime

My son, who is three, is incredibly difficult at bedtime. There’s a lot of cajoling, negotiating, laying down the law, and eventual crying and tantruming involved. At every step of the way I am pretty sure I’m doing everything wrong as a mother. From the time my kids get out of the bath, to the […]

Day 20 SOLSC: Loose Tooth

Moonlight streamed in through the window. The shadows of the window sashes formed squares of light on the soft carpet. The entire house was asleep. Me, my husband, my three-year-old son, my seven-year-old daughter, all snuggled deep in our soft bedcovers and quilts. Our little dog, Indie, slept curled up beside me. “Mommy!” I slowly became aware […]

Day 19 SOLSC: The Mountain at Night

it isn’t easy climbing the mountain at night you have the cold and the darkness that bites right through not to mention the weight of everything you carry up to the summit, the peak, the tippy top, but at the top you can see for miles and miles and miles if it isn’t cloudy and if it […]