2018 SOLSC Day 9: I’m Okay

  I’m Okay   When I hit my head last Sunday It knocked my off my feet, Knocked the wind right out of me. Still reeling, Still spinning, Still on the ground, I said, “I’m okay.” “I’m okay.” “I’m okay.”   In that moment– Flashes of a Florida hospital emergency room, A nightmare I had […]

2018 SOLSC Day 8: Quitting Facebook

Quitting Facebook   Apparently’ One does not simply “quit” Facebook.   I’ve tried three times.   The first time Years ago I deleted my account entirely. This was a mistake. I soon discovered All the weddings, concerts, group outings, Photos, and even text messages I could no longer receive.   The second time I deleted […]

2018 SOLSC Day 7: Schlepping

Schlepping to the Ski Area   Step 1: Packing Lunches You need to do this quickly because it’s already past 8am somehow. Make two peanut butter and jellies. Find some fruit and a vegetable or something. Crackers. Cheese. Yogurt. Put whatever you can find in there. Hopefully they’ll eat something. Step 2: Get Whichever Kid […]

2018 SOLSC Day 6: Concussion

Concussion   In a snow covered woods A ski trail winds around trees Over snow covered rocks and stumps I glide along with little effort Listening to the shoosh and scrape of my skis Noticing that the sun is peeking through the grey cl—BAM!   When the branch hits my helmet I imagine a comic […]

2018 SOLSC Day 5: Indie Sleeps

Indie Sleeps   My dog, Indie, Is a noisy sleeper. Always has been, but even more so in his old age. He groans, Sighs, Sometimes whimpers or woofs. From time to time his jaw chatters. Sometimes Indie sleeps With all four legs out straight Like he’s playing dead Sometimes he curls up Into a small […]