2018 SOLSC Day 28: Hotel

When I travel For work I toss and turn. The sounds of The hotel Keep me awake. A door closing A cart wheeling by Voices of strangers Congregating down the hall A car pulls into the lot Outside my third floor window. I toss and turn. The sounds of The hotel Keep me awake.   […]

2018 SOLSC Day 27: Stitches

  Today at school My four year old son Fell off the monkey bars And split his bottom lip. My husband Sped to school As quickly as he could And brought my son To the hospital. Five stitches. Five stitches to sew up His tiny lip. The same sweet lips That blew me a kiss […]

2018 SOLSC Day 24: Sleepover

    Tonight Three cousins Seven, eight, and four years old Are going to Giggle Laugh Watch a movie Pretend to fall asleep In sleeping bags On the couches In the living room Tell stories Make funny voices And shadow puppets using flashlights And jokes And probably at some point Way past bedtime Dare each […]

2018 SOLSC Day 21: Fire and Ice

  On Thursdays My girlfriends and I Hike a mountain Or *skin up it Or bike up it when the snow is gone.   Sometimes If we’re lucky There’s fireworks At the ski area.   Last week As we skied down On the dark snowy trail Our headlamps bobbing in the night We turned a […]

2018 SOLSC Day 19: Potty Talk

My two kids, Four years old And eight years old, They love potty talk. They are BOLD. And they are GROSS. And they are (I hate to admit it) FUNNY. Their favorite words currently: Butt Fart Pee-pee Toot “Beefy” butt Butt cheek Toilet Poop Diarrhea (Also, just add “head” as a suffix to any of […]

2018 SOLSC Day 18: My Enduring Love for My Husband

    Each day As I sit with my laptop My husband Is nearby. “Whatcha writin’ about?” He sometimes asks. “What should I write about?” I sometimes ask. Tonight, stuck for ideas, I turned to him. “Give me a topic to write about.” “Write about your enduring love for your husband,” he said.   How […]