2018 SOLSC Day 21: Fire and Ice

  On Thursdays My girlfriends and I Hike a mountain Or *skin up it Or bike up it when the snow is gone.   Sometimes If we’re lucky There’s fireworks At the ski area.   Last week As we skied down On the dark snowy trail Our headlamps bobbing in the night We turned a […]

2018 SOLSC Day 19: Potty Talk

My two kids, Four years old And eight years old, They love potty talk. They are BOLD. And they are GROSS. And they are (I hate to admit it) FUNNY. Their favorite words currently: Butt Fart Pee-pee Toot “Beefy” butt Butt cheek Toilet Poop Diarrhea (Also, just add “head” as a suffix to any of […]

2018 SOLSC Day 18: My Enduring Love for My Husband

    Each day As I sit with my laptop My husband Is nearby. “Whatcha writin’ about?” He sometimes asks. “What should I write about?” I sometimes ask. Tonight, stuck for ideas, I turned to him. “Give me a topic to write about.” “Write about your enduring love for your husband,” he said.   How […]

2018 SOLSC Day 14: Powder Day

From the top Of a steep And deep Ski trail   Four girls Seven Eight Nine Ten Years old   Plow through Pillows of snow   Jumping off Bumps   Crashing through Branches and boughs   They cheer And yell And hollar And hoot   They are loud And fast And strong   Just like […]

2018 SOLSC Day 13: Bad Mom

I have a confession to make. About a week ago I went through the entire house Top to bottom And secretly gathered up Every single Toy gun.   Mind you I don’t allow toy guns.   But they have snuck into our home anyway.   It started as sticks in the shape of guns Then […]

2018 SOLSC Day 12: You Broke My Heart

    Yesterday afternoon, I was busy writing in the kitchen when all of a sudden I heard CRASH! BANG! SLAM! coming from the play room. I could hear distinct sound of legos being spilled, and block towers coming down. With only a few sentences left to go, I typed quickly, finished my thought, and […]