Day 5 Slice of Life Story Challenge: From A Distance

As my daughter and I entered the infant room to pick up Jackson from daycare, I whispered, “Okay Lily, we have to tiptoe in and use whisper voices in case any of the babies are trying to take a nap.”

“Okay mama.”

We tiptoed in so quietly that Jackson didn’t even notice us. I silently waved hello to the infant room teacher and Lily and I sat on the floor together and watched Jackson from a distance, playing with the other babies. He was happily reaching for toys, laughing, have a grand ol’ baby party.

But when he turned around and saw us, his little face completely lit up with delight. He speed-crawled directly over to us–the closest thing to a march that is possible for a baby who crawls. He babbled his most adorable babbles and Lily and I both cooed back to him. “Jackson!! Yeah!”

I held out my arms to him and his face grew even brighter. “Aww… I missed you too little guy!”

And he crawled right past me and straight to Lily. He pummeled right into her lap laughing a big baby belly laugh. She hugged him and he smooshed himself closer to her, returning the hug the baby way, crashing into her.

Jackson laughed and laughed, and Lily laughed and laughed.

Now I sat watching the two of them from a distance, having a grand ol’ brother-sister party.






7 thoughts on “Day 5 Slice of Life Story Challenge: From A Distance

  1. I have a story that I am working on for tomorrow that encompasses a similar theme, just on a teenage level–I love that my children get along and have their own ways of celebrating each other. You capture the stories of your children beautifully, Beth. I also loved envisioning you and Lily just waiting for a moment and watching Jackson’s good time. Life is so full of moments.


  2. ‘Smooshed’, what a lovely word. A mother’s delight is to see her babies love each other no matter what the age. Such a lovely picture. 🙂


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