May 26 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Instead of Writing A Story

Things I did today instead of writing a story, when I could have been writing a story:

1. I drank a cup of coffee, hiding in the bathroom, while my husband ate breakfast with the kids. (Don’t judge–this is the only way I ever get to finish a cup of coffee in the morning). I suppose I could have been hiding in the bathroom while writing a post.

2. I spent exactly 37 minutes cleaning up my calendar (I use iCal). I fixed all the formatting. I double checked all the upcoming dates. I even color-coded everything. I certainly could have written a post in that amount of time.

3. I created a totally unnecessary, extremely detailed set of notes regarding my local schools for a colleague (my mentor, actually) who is coming to visit later this week to speak at a conference. I definitely could have been writing a story in place of that.

4. I planted my garden. Where I live, you have to wait until after Memorial Day, because of the cold temperatures here. I could have written a story instead of doing that.

A hundred other small things all added up, and now it is 10:20pm and I still haven’t yet written a story today.

Well…there’s always next week.



5 thoughts on “May 26 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Instead of Writing A Story

  1. I loved seeing the many bits of your day knowing that I have done many of these same things rather than writing. Sometimes these types of things are a way to rest my mind though. I need the mindless organizing of calendars & gathering of info for others. These are the things easy to check off on my list of things to do. I hope you had a great day.


  2. All the could of’s turned into a perfect slice of how the day unfolded. Enjoy that cup of coffee, but couldn’t you find a better hiding place? 🙂


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