My First Comic: Couch Fort

I’m learning to create comics! This is my first comic ever, right here.

In March, my Two Writing Teachers colleagues and I will host the 12th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. My goal is to create a comic per day. Maybe I will even grow out of stick figures!

Join my colleagues and I at Two Writing Teachers for the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!

10 thoughts on “My First Comic: Couch Fort

      1. Hi Stacey! I’m actually using Procreate for iPad, recommended by my friend Shawna Coppola. My first one may look rudimentary – but it’s actually super sophisticated high tech (at least for me it is!). I’m learning so much!


  1. Comics! I love it! I will be checking back during the challenge to see how it’s going. One reason I keep my physical writing notebook is because of my NEED to doodle. I would love an online format that I could use that keeps both doodles (or comics) and words. I’m intrigued. Thanks for sharing!


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