Day 11 Slice of Life Story Challenge: The Crib

“Finally!” I shouted with glee.

Brinton dragged the giant, heavy box out of a dark hallway corner, where it had been stowed for the last month or so.

We ripped the tape off and pulled out all the cherry-colored wooden pieces. Seeing the actual pieces of a real baby’s crib in our apartment, all of a sudden things got REAL. I imagined a little baby girl sleeping peacefully in the room we were setting up for her. I felt equal parts excitement and oh-my-god-what-have-I-done.

We laid out all of the pieces in the hallway: hardware and railings and bedsprings and a mattress.

After thirty minutes we only had one side of the crib put together–sort of.

“It’s getting pretty late. Let’s do the rest tomorrow,” Brinton suggested.

I persisted. “I can keep working on it, if you want to go to bed.”

An hour or so later we were putting the last few pieces on. Brinton tightened all the bolts one last time. I slid the mattress into place. I couldn’t wait to see what it looked like with all the cute sheets and blankets I had just opened at my baby shower.

“Let’s put it in her room!” I said.

“Can’t we just do that in the morning? I’m so tired!” Brinton yawned.

Nevertheless, he slid the finished crib down the hall to the bedroom door. I stood by watching. As the crib got nearer to the door it became clear that there was no way it was going to fit through the doorway.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Brinton cried, half laughing.

I didn’t know what to do. I stood silently, thinking. A crazy, hormonal, nesting impulse had taken over. An inexplicable rage washed over me. This damn crib HAD to be done TONIGHT.

“Well,” I said calmly. “You can go to bed, but I’m going to finish this.”

Brinton looked at me like I was nuts–and I was–but he understood. “Alright,” he said. “Let’s do this.”



7 thoughts on “Day 11 Slice of Life Story Challenge: The Crib

  1. This post made me smile and remember my new-mama days, now decades past for me. I hope you got some sleep after getting that crib in the nursery! Well-written slice!


  2. Oh, how this made me smile! My first baby was due at the end of January and I was struck by the crib nesting bug about a week before Christmas–and like you, I wouldn’t stop until it was not only assembled but adorned with every cute little sheet and accessory. Thank goodness for pregnancy or else I think my husband would have killed me! Cute slice!


  3. This reminded me of the range of emotions I felt waiting and preparing for all three. I was thankful, like you, to have a patient partner by my side. Chris just went with roller coaster ride, and I am forever thankful for him.


  4. You just had to! Oh my, I did laugh because I wondered as you described this if you were in the room because you didn’t mention it. I think you are NOW experts at putting together a crib. I didn’t realize you were pregnant, Beth. Best wishes!


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