April 14 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Last Ski Day

Lily trudged across the hard packed snow, dragging her skis and poles from the side road where we had parked our car to the edge of the ski trail. (We call it the ‘secret spot,’ the small parking lot right off the side of the trail that only locals know about).

It was a very cold, very grey, Vermont April day. It was ‘snowing,’ but it was that kind of snow that borders on hail, stinging our faces. It wasn’t sticking to the ground. It was just blowing across the ice.

“Ready for our last day of the year?” I asked.

“Do I get to have Skittles on the chairlift?” she asked.

I sighed. Why did I start that? “Oh, I guess so. Since it’s our last day.”

The sun peeked out from behind a cloud for just a moment. “Yippee!” Lily shouted, tossing her skis onto the ice and confidently stomped one of her boots into the binding.

As we slid across the trail, our skis scraped across the ice. Oh boy. This is gonna be a tough day. I thought.

But then I looked up the trail to Lily. She was gracefully side-slipping, sideways down the trail, arms open wide like she was surfing. “Weeeeeee! I like this!” she shouted.

She turned and slid sideways in the other direction. “Weeeee!”

She was loving it. It was her first truly icy day this year (a testament to what a wonderful season it has been), and she loved it.



6 thoughts on “April 14 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Last Ski Day

  1. I think you are both avid ski people reading this post. I love that you continue on into April and enjoy the full season. Right now I’m looking at the sparkling water, that only 3 weeks ago ice fishermen were enjoying up here. I am very happy about our wonderful sun today. xo nanc


  2. I love this small moment story! Makes me want to write a slice like it. Thank you for the inspiration. LOVE how Lily experienced the icy (could’ve seemed awful to anyone else) kind of day.


  3. As an aside, I’m trying to get the Vermont weather right (from what I’ve learned in the past year of reading your blog posts). First you have ice season? Then mud season? Then a gorgeous summer, right?

    Back to LIly. Yea for her doing so well on the ice! I don’t even think I’d be able to stand up on skis, much less go in the correct direction safely on them.

    I want to know more about the Skittles. I’m sure that’s a story!


    1. Haha! Yes, Stacey we do have our own ‘special’ season in Vermont. After six months of winter comes mud season (not spring), then summer… in July : ) At the start of the ski season Lily had much less endurance, so to keep her going (i.e. happy, having fun) we let her have a Skittle or two on each chairlift ride. Then, sometime mid-season somebody, Grandpa I think, said something like, “Well of course, Skittles has the word ‘ski’ right in it so you you gotta have ’em!” So now Lily is all about the Skittles when she skis… of all the candies it is probably the one that might be the worst for your teeth and full of the most artificial flavors and dyes, right? Sigh.


      1. The only time I have voluntarily ate Skittles is when I was stuck on a train with a free teacher day pack from Staples in 2003. I can’t stand them, but some people love them. Good for Lily!


  4. I love the small moment slice, shows a lot. Kids definitely are better at taking unusual circumstances in stride. We are in our mud season here in lower Michigan but still plenty of snow for snowmobiling in the upper peninsula.


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