Day 3: Snow Day


Looking out the window, it didn’t look like much of a snow day. A thin glaze of ice covered brown grass. Thick fog covered the mountain. Not much actual snow.

“Lily, do you want to go up the mountain?” I asked, unsure if it would really be worth the trip.

Lily looked out the window and surveyed the drab grey landscape and frowned. “Can’t we just stay home and play with Calico Critters?”

For a moment I considered the options. The weather didn’t look promising. But the season would be ending soon.

“It’s a snow day!” I said cheerfully. “Skiing is what we do on a snow day!” Secretly, I worried it would be raining when we got there.

Lily grumbled, but she went along with my plan.

As we drove up to the mountain, the weather changed from freezing rain, to sleet, to wet snow, to finally big fluffy snow-globe snow as we pulled into the parking lot.

As we unloaded the car, Lily jabbered away about the snow, her brown eyes wide with excitement. “Mommy do you think we could ski in the woods today?”

Lily loves to ski in the woods more than anything.

Not wanting to disappoint, I played it safe, saying, “I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Lily made a face. “Awww. I REALLY want to ski in the woods.”

“Me too, Lily. Me too.”

After an icy hike from the car to the ski club lodge (“Be careful! It’s slippery!), a minor meltdown as we put on ski boots (“You’ll freeze if you let your feet get wet on the floor!”), and a chairlift ride later (“Stop swinging your skis! You’ll fall out!”), we were finally skiing.

Rumrunner is a trail that is often icy and faces into the wind. It’s usually just a way to get to other trails, not a destination in itself. But today, it was covered in several inches of fluffy, soft powder. Lily made quick turns ahead of me, hooting and hollering the whole way. “Whoa ho ho!! Powder!” she shouted. “Freshies, mommy!” As we went around a slightly steeper bend in the trail, she cruised past me, shouting at the top of her lungs, as though from the bow of the Titanic, “I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!!!”

Lily came to a skidding stop just in front of the entrance to her favorite woods trail, Poacher’s Woods. “Come on, Mom!” she hollered and swooshed into the fresh snow, through the trees, and down the trail. Not a worry in the world.










8 thoughts on “Day 3: Snow Day

  1. Your piece evolves from hesitation to excitement. The joy you see in you daughter’s delight comes through. Love the video clip! How wonderful she is so comfortable and confident in the woods!


  2. Loved this! I am truly jealous! My sister knows how to ski and does it well. I cannot manage to stay upright. This adventure on your snow day with your daughter was beautifully captured in words and video. Thanks for sharing. Although I am wishing for spring, I do love winter and all that it offers, You capture this moment so well – love the whispering parentheses and the splashes of dialogue!


  3. I absolutely LOVE your story! Your use of dialogue really made me feel like I was there with you, first in the house, then the car and finally the woods. I loved seeing the video! Being a non-skier, it amazes me to see such a little one with so much talent on skis. 🙂 I’m glad you took the risk and went up the mountain. Looks like fun! 🙂


  4. I was so jealous when I read, “Lily, do you want to go up the mountain?” But I guess since I get to say to my daughter, “Lily, do you want to go to the beach?” we’re even.

    Beautiful piece. I’m sure your mountain is wonderful in summer, too, just as my beach is magnificent in winter.

    I like that you’re really doing it right with an actual Slice of Life STORY; I’ve kind of cheated with essays that contain some narrative. I’ve got to push more in your direction.

    By the way, a great song for a snow day, which I’m thinking of having read Kathleen Sokolowski’s post:


  5. Doesn’t it just take your breath away how confident they are at that age? It’s great that you have this life-long sport to share. Hope it stays snowy a little longer.


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