Day 9: Ski Movie

A few days ago I wrote about a day spent skiing with my nephew and how we played around with making a ski movie.

Well, here is that movie!

All day long my nephew had the movie on his mind. He came up with ideas for the story on every chairlift ride, every warm-up break, on the car-ride home, and even at dinner. Planning the sequel was all he could think about.

I think we have another writer in the family.

Join us for the Slice of Life Story Challenge!

5 thoughts on “Day 9: Ski Movie

  1. I LOVE this!!! The music adds so much to mood and tone. It would be great to show kids and then have them think about would you create that with words in a story. Wouldn’t it be great to let kids video more and then use it to think about word choice and mood? What a lucky nephew you have — I think he learned so much that weekend!


    1. That’s awesome! It was so much fun planning, storytelling, and then of course, filming and editing it! The best part was finding the music – that’s when everything clicked. : ) I would encourage kids to think about what kind of music they imagine in the soundtrack (or even if it is going to have a soundtrack). It’s a great strategy for mood/tone and even genre!


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