Day 10: Winter is Almost Over

We prayed for snow,

Slept with spoons under our pillows,

And watched jealously as snow

Blanketed cities to the north

And the south.


We never skiied the headwall

Or in the back bowls.

We never had one honest snowstorm

Or a single powder day

Or even a day in the woods.


It was nearly 60 degrees today.

The snow on the mountain was melting.

People were skiing in tee shirts

And sunglasses.

Two women were skiing in bathing suits.


We would have had a grill in the parking lot,

And made it a real spring ski day,

If we hadn’t had to get back to work in the afternoon.




2 thoughts on “Day 10: Winter is Almost Over

  1. I wish winter had been longer too. We had a brief morning snow and that was it, but we don’t get much snow in the South. I just hope the early Spring doesn’t signify a hot summer to come.


  2. Skiing and bathing suit are hard to imagine together. I like your idea of spring ski day. The first warm sunny day should be a day off.


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