Day 12: Glasses

I went to the eye doctor for the first time ever today.

With forty right around the corner, I guess I should count myself lucky that I’ve gone this long without needing glasses! But, the time has come.

I was amazed at all the machines they used to check my eyes. There were about 12 different machines that flashed lights in my eyes, took scans, photos, measurements, and even blew air in my eyes.

Just as I thought, the doctor told me I needed glasses.

I tried on almost every pair in the store and finally settled on a pair that I think I can live with.

We’ll see how I like them when they are ready to be picked up in a few days!

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13 thoughts on “Day 12: Glasses

  1. I bet you will look gorgeous in your new glasses! I am so happy your eyes will be happy! Post a photo when you get them! I love how you described trying on so many pairs. That would have been the most difficult part for me!!! Thank you for sharing this piece.


  2. I made it to 49 before needing glasses, but went straight to progressives (3 lenses). My first pair was frameless, but my last two have been purple. They think it is funny when I ask them to bring me every purple pair to try on. After narrowing it down a bit I let the personnel at the store make the final decision- they see so many people in glasses every day. I hope your transition is easy!


  3. I got my first pair in grade 9. I was excited. By my mid thirties, I needed bifocals and cried because sonly old people need them, right? I called my mom for support and she said, “Things don’t get better dear.” Now, at 51, I love having bifocals.


  4. I’ve had glasses since 8th grade. I predict you will be writing about that moment when you put on the new glasses for the first time and can see every leaf on a tree SO clearly. Welcome to being “4-eyed!” It is the best feeling!!


  5. I’ve had glasses going back to middle school. Now, as others have mentioned, my periodic conversations with the ophthalmologist revolve around when single-vision lenses will no longer be sufficient. Yipes.


  6. I was five when I go t my first pair of glasses. Now I am up to transitional trifocals….ouch! But oh what a world I would be missing without them! You’ll get use to it.


  7. I love my glasses! I have contacts too but for some reason I still love to wear my glasses. I cannot even tell you how excited I was when they added the nerdy smile emoji with glasses. I use it entirely too much:)


  8. You accept the reality of needing glasses lightly, even with some amusement. When I found out I needed glasses (at 41) it took me a year before I went and got them.


  9. This line . . . “We’ll see how I like them when they are ready to be picked up in a few days!” was precious.

    I remember years and years of picking out glasses and never beeing able to SEE them. When one can’t see, really look in the mirror to choose glasses??? I had glasses for more years than you’ve been alive and really appreciated that with contacts, I could SEE better as contacts added to my peripheral vision . . . and of course everything has to include technology.

    It’s great to find out that your eyes are healthy! But how many machines does that really take??? ❤


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