Day 14: Tired Eyes



aged, tired

squinting, squinching, straining,

eyes that need rest



My tired eyes are getting glasses for the first time in a few days and the really strange thing is this: I have known for at least a year that I needed glasses. I delayed and delayed going to the doctor, and just didn’t think much about the fact that I couldn’t see well. I just willfully ignored it, pushing it to the back of my mind whenever I found myself squinting and straining. I took ibuprofen for my headaches, and turned up the brightness on my computer, and enlarged the font size when I could and just didn’t think about it too much.

But now that I know that I need glasses, it’s all I can think about. It actually seems like my vision is much worse, now that a doctor has confirmed what I suspected all along. Isn’t it strange how the mind can play such powerful tricks?

My eyes are totally exhausted. I’ll be happy when my glasses come — the same glasses I’ve dreaded for so long.

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5 thoughts on “Day 14: Tired Eyes

  1. Such a well conveyed development of realization and need. It resonates with me because I’ve walked the path. Your beginning sentence and concluding sentence wrap your whole piece up very neatly.


  2. My mom always told a story about when my brother got his first pair of glasses. We were sitting at a Cubs game and he turned around and looked at my mom and said, “I can see the numbers on the scoreboard! I just wish that I was able to see like this when we went to Disneyworld.” How heartbreaking!
    I’m sure you will love being able to see better and not having headaches. The glasses you’ll get used to!


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