Day 10 SOLSC: Lily’s Ideas

Today is one of those days with not one minute to spare, so in lieu of a “normal” slice I’m going to record a few of my seven-year-old daughter, Lily’s, ideas. I asked her what I should write and this is what she said:

1. Your first day of college

2. Your first grade teacher

3. “How about a story about someone who finds a nest of dragon eggs and gets to raise the dragons?”

4. “You should write about skiing because you loooooove skiing.”

5. Write a story about a platypus 

6. A poem

7. Write a Harry Potter story 

8. Brooklyn

9. “You could write about something that’s sort of like your favorite movie, The Goonies.”

10. “Someone who built a time-machine who traveled back in time.”

11. Ninjas


10 thoughts on “Day 10 SOLSC: Lily’s Ideas

  1. I vote for something like Goonies (great movie) and Ninjas! What a great idea to ask your daughter for ideas. I, too, have a 7 year old daughter. I wonder what she would suggest!


  2. I think you should write a story about a platypus who is also a ninja! I love the idea of asking your daughter what you should write about. Next time I am pressed for time and struggling for ideas, I’m going to ask my six year old son.


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