Day 25 Slice of Life Story Challenge: Alice, Part 2

Playing with fiction again. This is a continuation of a story about Alice. You can read the first part of the story here. 

Alice awoke. She found herself sprawled on the cold and wet forest floor, feet partially buried in leaves. A stick was jammed uncomfortably into her side. As she slowly sat up,wet leaves stuck to the side of her face, slick and gritty. It was hard to tell, without a mirror to look in, what was just forest slime, and what was blood.

The rain had stopped. It was night-time now, but the sky had cleared and the moon was out, bright and nearly full.

The rock that had struck her lay just a few inches from where she sat. It shone in the light of the moon. Alice picked up the rock and turned it over and over in her hands. It looked like nothing, really, just a small, fist sized rock. What exactly was I doing before I woke up? Alice couldn’t remember.

Alice got to her feet, surprised at how little her head actually hurt. She had a strange floaty-sensation. A weightless, flighty feeling. Her thoughts were fuzzy and unfocused. What was I about to do?  Absent-mindedly, Alice pocketed the stone, and tried to remember. Huh.

Looking around, she saw that her tent had held up just fine in the rain. She crawled into the tent, stripped out of her soaking wet clothes and changed into dry silk base layers and warm fleece pants. She hung her lantern from the top of her tent, and rummaged in her backpack for her book. Alice slid into her sleeping bag, and just before she opened her book, she looked at the rock one last time. As she picked up the stone, it shimmered in the light of the lantern.

What was I about to do? she wondered again. She drifted off to sleep, cozy and warm in her little tent in the woods.





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