Springtime in Vermont

In late February

My Dad said to me,

“Man, I love winter,

But I don’t love

Shoveling my driveway.

I’m ready for spring.”


In March,

My Mom said,

“You know, I love the snow,

But I just can’t take

The cold

Like I used to.

Winter can go away now”


Now it’s April,

And my son and daughter


Keep asking,

“When will it be spring?

Will it ever be spring?

Does spring even exist anymore?”


Not me.

I know

That there will be


and snow

and sleet

and freezing cold temperatures






in this neck of the woods.

So in the meantime

I’m happy for the snow.


Because I


don’t love



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2 thoughts on “Springtime in Vermont

  1. I was waiting for something about mud season. I found it at the end!
    I think spring is taking its sweet time to get here. Maybe not for you (in VT who is used to this kind of winter), but for us, the following describes the start of our springtime here in PA. “It’s like winter is really mad and keeps storming out of the room and then coming back yelling ‘And another thing!'”


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